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Titanfall: New War Games Multiplayer Map Detailed

Respawn Entertainment has posted an in-depth look at the new upcoming ‘War Games’ multiplayer map, that will be included in Titanfall’s Expedition DLC.

The map takes place inside the game’s Training Simulator and overall favors Parkour, with many included areas that relate to different aspects of Titanfall’s gameplay.

In the map, the IMC spawns at a location based on the Airbase map which focuses on close-combat. The Militia on the other hand spawns at a location based on the Angel City map with open spaces between buildings, and focusing on roof-top/all out combat.

In the middle of the map is a tower based on the map ‘Rise’ which features a narrow pathway that is wide enough for a Titan to cross through. It acts as a shortcut through the center of the map but also has hiding spots for pilots to ambush an enemy titan. This makes the Tower an important area to control in the game.

The outskirts of the map will focus on Titan-combat, with large open-spaces to be used in the Last Titan Standing game mode.

Titanfall will be getting three DLC, with Expedition being the first. It will contain three maps and will cost $9.99 when it releases this May. Players who purchase the Season Pass, priced at $24.99, will receive the first DLC as part of the purchase.

Titanfall is currently available on the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Titanfall