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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets Reduced Motion Blur in Latest Patch

Patch 1.14 hit Killzone: Shadow Fall earlier today, bringing new features and minor bug fixes to the PlayStation 4 shooter.

Patch notes posted on the game’s official site details reworks done to the the combat log. The combat log stays at the top-left of the screen now and the name of the killed player is shown on the top of the combat log.

Prior to the patch, the name of the frag was displayed very briefly.

A main change brought by the patch is reduce motion blur in the multiplayer. This change was brought out based on the community’s feedback who for some time now have been complaining for the blur being “too noticeable.”

Some of the challenges in the game had requirements that were too difficult to accomplish, and these have been tweaked to reduce difficulty. More details on the challenges tweaked by the patch can be seen here.

Players can now change factions in the game when faced with unbalanced teams in the game.

To do so, they have to press the Options button and select the option to switch factions. The option will only be available to choose when the teams are unbalanced.

The patch adds a new controller configuration called the Community Scheme 1, also based on the community’s suggestions. The new controller setting assigns Crouch, Cover, Sliding and Melee attack to R3 which are normally assigned to the Circle button.