GTA V Mod Allows You to Fly a SpaceShip, What’s Next?

Modding has always been one of the greatest parts of gaming but mostly it is only done for the games that are available for PC. However, few individuals have found a way to mod the PlayStation 3 version of GTA V to include flyable spaceships into the game, which you can see in action in the video above.

It is the same UFO that could be seen on the top of Mount Chiliad upon completing the game 100%, but it was there just for the scenery and couldn’t be flown, until now.

Recently, some rumor circulated indicating that Rockstar Games will include the Jet Pack into the game via upcoming updates or as DLC but there is no announcement on that just yet, but until then you can fly around over Los Santos on the Flying Saucer with this detailed guide by Se7ensins forum user.

GTA V was one of the biggest releases of last generation consoles and the sales of the game reflect that. According to the latest reports, the Rockstar’s amazing open world title has been shipped more than 32.5 Million Copies.

The Online mode of the game is also getting better with new updates and content that is being released by the developer constantly.

Do you want to fly the UFO in GTA V?