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Fable Legends Showcases Its Custom Global Illumination Power

Lionhead Studios has released a batch of new screenshots for Fable Legends to show off their custom Global Illumination technology.

In a new blog post, the game’s lead graphics programmer reveals how Lionhead decided early on on making full use of dynamic lighting in Fable Legends. From the screenshots it seems evident that the team has done well in harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4.

According to the post, the presence of fully dynamic lighting helps in allowing “dynamic time of day” that in turns brings variations to the world of Fable Legends. Furthermore it supports dynamic objects both reflecting and receiving light, as well as “massively improving iteration times for artists.”

To show just how big of a difference it brings, Lionhead has provided side-by-side shots of scenes with and without the new lighting system.

In another post, Lionhead dropped in some information for new enemy types. The “redcaps” are creatures of the forest who instantly die upon either losing their crimson hats or its color. “This threat renders this branch of forest fey both aggressive and highly wary of rain.”

In finding a remedy to this threat, the redcaps have taken to hammering nails into their own heads to secure their caps. This act has only made the specie more prone to violence and with disregard for others.

“From the halberd-armed foot soldier and catapult-toting skullchucks, to their will-using shamans, redcaps are a common sight in Rosewood and represent a real danger to the unwary traveller,” says Lionhead. “Indeed fear of Redcaps is so rife, that it’s been known for travellers to meet a misfortunate end simply by wandering into a nervous village wearing the same coloured headgear.”

Those choosing to play as a villain will be able to send out a horde of Redcaps against the heroes in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Source Lionhead