‘Dark Souls is for Wimps, SOE President John Smedley Claims

While discussing about how difficult SOE’s post-apocalyptic zombie survival H1Z1 would be, Sony President John Smedley firmly holds the opinion that one of the toughest RPGs out there ‘Dark Souls is for wimps.

Now, everyone out there who is a least bit fan of RPGs or gaming in general surely knows the reputation of Dark Souls as an extremely challenging game. It is good to be confident about your project, but it is outright wrong to call fans of other games as ‘wimps’. This is certainly a big claim on the part of Smedley and I, personally, am looking forward to what H1Z1 will deliver.

Anyway, the whole debate started off a fan asking whether the main adversaries in H1Z1 will come in the shape of zombie hordes or other surviving human players. And in response, Smedley stated:

Zombies <> “YAWN” in our game. They are deadly. Many times they come in number. They are not to be trifled with. We want to make a hard game. We think Dark Souls is for wimps.

The other games of same genre like DayZ Standalone is certainly hard to master, but only time will tell how H1Z1 will play out.

While we are on the subject of zombies, Smedley also stated that to deliver a true zombie apocalypse experience, the deadbodies of players will re-animate and Transform into Zombies:

Oh! It’s going to be implemented for damn sure. Just a question of our priorities at the moment. We will also have Play as Zombie down the road (of course with huge restrictions to handle exploits).

Do you think Sony can deliver a more difficult experience than Dark Souls with H1Z1? Share your thoughts in the comments below!