4X Game Endless Legend Comes To Steam Early Access Today

No factions are revealed in today’s info drop of Endless Legend as it usually does, but it does come to Early Access today, so that might be a solace. Publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced the PC game is ready to launch in Alpha status and it should arrive on the store momentarily.

We do get treated to one of those swanky motion comic trailers though, but this time it’s being narrated by a mysterious female voice. Perhaps it may even be the sound of the planet itself.

In Endless Legend, up to eight factions wage war against each other on the planet Auriga. This home world ties together several of developer Amplitude Studios’ releases.

Prior to this strategy title, Amplitude turned heads with the 4X game Endless Space and it’s currently also offering an entirely different scope with Dungeon of the Endless, also on Steam’s Early Access. Both those titles see Auriga appear in some form.

Endless Legend has already announced multiplayer support for up to eight players, aside from its singleplayer mode. Moreover, eight possible victories can be achieved, such as launching a space ship to become the race seen in Endless Space.

For now, there are 10 minor factions that will complement the larger races on the map. Eventually, these will grow to 16 in total.

As with its prior project, Amplitude Studios splits its Early Access version in two packs. One deal includes just the game with a soundtrack and a badge, while supporters can choose a heftier Founder Pack.

Choosing the bigger package grants an additional faction, hero and trait upon release, as well as complementary content for Dungeon of the Endless. Moreover, founders receive a discount coupon for Endless Space and its expansion, though by all logic they should have that one by now.

Price points should come up momentarily with the release.