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New Destiny Official Website Details Enemies, New Screenshots and More

Alright so who is excited about September 9? Okay lame question, everyone is. Anyhow, all of you can savor some new content regarding the game through the newly launched Destiny official website.

Firstly, we are told how the story of Destiny shapes up; the Traveler arrived and introduced the Golden Age when Mars and Venus became habitable that is when “humanity raced into the black, and colonized these newly remade worlds.”

One of the more important things shared by the new Destiny official website would be the video content that has been spread all over the website. Most of it is new but sadly it is not in trailer form.

You will have to head over to the website and surf through in order to see how the Guardians fight, how their solar system looks, how it feels to see the Fallen up close and personal and a lot more.

You will also be able to see the three Guardian classes, the Titan, Warlock and the Hunter in action. This comes along with descriptions that tell you where they come from and what you can expect from them.

Moving on, official descriptions have been given to the enemies that you will be going up against. We know now that there are going to be four opponents, all alien. They are called Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. Now, Bungie has detailed each one of them by giving them introductions that are worthy of their stature.

Fallen are hardy creatures who can survive in a wide range of environments without heavy armor or complex modifications to their physiology. They travel light, hit hard, and are gone before you know it. Fallen may look like mere scavengers, but on closer inspection you will see hints of a splendid, sophisticated past, and the proud markings of their ancestral “Houses.”

Hive manipulate the physical world in ways that we can only begin to imagine. The Hive have carved a kingdom deep into the lifeless core of the Moon, and it is there they remain, silent and buried among many dark and terrible secrets, a reminder of the tremendous power that brought forth the Collapse.

Scattered reports indicate that the Vex appear to be mass-produced machine units, constructed of an unknown metal alloy resembling hammered brass. All attempts to communicate with them have failed. They are hostile. They are unrelenting. They are deadly.

Few Guardians have faced Cabal and lived to tell the tale. They are a professional military operation. On every front we have found them on the march, they have already dug in and ringed their installations with razor wire. Now, it seems they’ve turned their eyes towards us.

Check out the Destiny official website here and let us know what do you think of it.