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Rumor: Jet Packs Might Come to GTA V Real Soon

GTA V was released last September and despite a lot of popularity of the Jet Pack (GTA: San Andreas), it wasn’t included in the game but now a user at Se7enSins forums has found a source code, which indicates that a Jet Pack maybe headed to the game in near future.

The forum user named as “Chr0m3 x MoDz” has found numerous references to the Jet Pack in GTA V while he was digging the source Code 1.12 of the game. He mentions that he found a string named “JETPACK”, which appeared as a ‘xex’ file in the latest update and wasn’t included in the previous versions.

He went to give even more evidence that was included in the same file. Have a detailed look at it:

  • Prop_SPA_Jetpack
  • CTaskJetpack
  • DRIVEBY_JETPACK // Setting it so you can shoot from the JETPACK just like parachute
  • .?AUTunables@CTaskJetpack@@
  • ?AVCTaskMotionJetpack@@
  • .?AVCJetpack@@
  • .?AVCTaskJetpack@@
  • .?AVCGadgetJetpack@@ // the actual jetpack just like parachute.
  • TASK_JETPACK(int unk);
  • XBL Toothpik found possible skis .data:838E1118 00000012 C .?AVCGadgetSkis@@
  • .rdata:820571DC 0000000D C START_SKIING
  • .rdata:820571D4 00000007 C SKIING
  • .rdata:820571C4 0000000E C FINISH_SKIING

What do you think Rockstar is brewing up in their studios? Do you think Jet Pack would be making its way to GTA V in the upcoming updates? Let us know your theories in your comments!

Source: VG leaks, Se7en Sins