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Hideo Kojima to Come up With an “Important” Announcement Tomorrow

Hideo Kojima has a long history of teasing the fans on his twitter account and for last couple of days, he has been hinting at a new trailer but today he confirmed that the trailer will be coming tomorrow:

I’ve come up with new ideas for the trailer at the gym. I will try them out tomorrow.

Hideo Kojima has been busy on multiple projects but he has emphasized that he will be sharing something new with the people tomorrow:

On Tomorrow’s Kojima Station there will be an important announcement. At the same time, I will introduce the “Prisoners” video corner that will be released on May 3rd. In addition, the new corner (video) will involve planning, lighting, shooting, editing and sound recording made by ourselves.

Moreover, he gave a brief look at the video corner that will be shown tomorrow and it will include the IDroid iPhone case, developed by Sentinel.

However, no specific games or products were mentioned but it has been a long time since Kojima revealed anything regarding Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain so we are hoping that the next trailer could be related to the game.

Prologue to The Phantom Pain called Ground Zeroes was released last month to give players an idea of what to expect when the game is finally released.

What do you think Hideo Kojima has in store for us tomorrow? Share your theories with us in your comments!