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Goat Simulator: Upcoming Update to Include “Goat Parkour”

Earlier this month Coffee Stain Studios announced a new update for Goat Simulator which will feature plenty of content focused on increasing the game’s replay value. So far the developer had mentioned the inclusion of the fan-requested Split Screen multiplayer mode, a new map, new playable goats, and Steam achievements.

Today the developer has revealed new movement options to be included in the free 1.1 update. Players will be be able to add a bit of acrobatics to their goat’s repertoire, including run on the front hooves and riding along walls.

Here’s a short video showing that in action:

The 1.1 update is scheduled for release by the end of next month. According to Coffee Stain Studios the new map will be roughly the same size as the current map. Sadly due to the game’s physics synchronization issues, online multiplayer is impossible right now. However, the studio believes the local 2-4 multiplayer mode will fill in that gap.

Goat Simulator is really a game that’s so bad that it’s good. With no real plot or setting, all you have to do is rack up points by running into things with a goat.