Gardening Mama 2 Out On Nintendo 3DS In North America

North America can now enjoy the simple and soothing gameplay of Gardening Mama 2, as it ships to retail stores. That way, you don’t need to torture yourself with the upcoming PC release for Dark Souls II.

Gardening Mama 2 is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, spawning from the same faction as the well-known Cooking Mama series. As such, you can expect the same cutesy, wide-eyed cartoon visuals.

This title has tending to a garden-farm hybrid as its main objective, hence the name. Still, Mama hasn’t forgotten the roots of toil and labor and will also assist other characters’ restaurants.

It’s possible to harvest fruits and vegetables, which can then be sold to shops. You’ll oversee the process from start to finish, which goes from tending to crops, watering them and eventually trying to collect your winnings.

Anything in the game is done through a separate mini-game. There will be a wide variety of different games to play, most involving some sort of touchscreen mechanism. It may even use the gyroscope function, as a part in the launch trailer shows a balancing feature.

By performing tasks for forest-dwellers with businesses, Mama collects points, which can be used to unlock a lot more things. There are over 100 decorations.

Shop tickets unlock their own items, which help expand gameplay. With tickets, it’s possible to gain new plants to add to the garden.

Gardening Mama 2 sells for $29.99.