The Elder Scrolls Online Plagued With Black Market Activity

Developer ZeniMax Online Studios has provided an update on the progress of The Elder Scrolls Online since its launch earlier this month.

In a “State of the Game Address” posted on the game’s official forum, studio boss Matt Firor revealed that the game is currently being hounded by gold spammers and bots. In fact 85 percent of the total customer service calls and emails are related to the said issues.

“Please know that we are doing everything we can to combat the gold spammers and bots – especially ones that ‘camp’ dungeon bosses,” Firor wrote. “I play the game every day; I see them too, and yes, they drive me crazy.”

Every MMO has black market activity but surprisingly, at least for me, The Elder Scrolls Online started facing the issues from day one. Complaints from players are piling up so quickly that ZeniMax has to see to many delayed responses to most customers. Firor apologized to those who had been affected.

“Because of this huge influx of contact relating to this one issue, our CS team has been slower to react to other problems than planned – our sincere apologies if you have been held up for a long period of time waiting for CS to respond to you. Again, our goal is to keep this activity away from you so you don’t have to contact Customer Service in the first place.”

Firor concluded that his team is currently hard at work in siphoning out these bots but there is “still much to do.”

In related news the game’s first major update will be released soon and will include plenty of updates to the game, including tweaks to weapons and classes, overall balances, new zones and instances.