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Demonic PC Game Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs Revealed

Belgian independent studio Helium Games has announced their first game, called Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs. It’s currently planned for release on PC around the end of the year.

This game will tell the tale of a small tribe of Gloupsies, which live in peace, but with one small annoyance. Every 28 days, their village is visited by demons, which promptly wreck up the place and leave the tribe to rebuild their habitat.

After a while, a stranger arrives and offers help in the form of a demon ally that can aid fight off this evil. That sets up the premise for an action adventure game in a nature environment.

In Bazalth, players will take command of this allied demon. Gameplay is perceived from an isometric perspective, with 3D rendered models that have just a touch of illustrated extras in their colorful textures.

Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs

Aside from melee combat, the demon also seems to be equipped with a beam weapon tied to certain elements. This can be used to take out enemies from afar and will likely help in the game’s puzzle mechanisms as well.

For instance, the demon can be seen holding differently colored cones during combat, which match a series of triangles on the bottom of the screen. Colors vary between white, red, green or blue.

Helium Games is made up of just three people. They’re working with the popular Unity engine.