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Bloodrayne: Betrayal Releasing For PC on April 30

Bloodrayne: Betrayal will be released for PC (on Steam) on 30th of April. The port of the game is being developed by Abstraction Games, who has also worked on some popular ports like Hotline Miami and Awesomenauts Assemble.

The game first made its way to the markets in 2011 when it was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unlike its predecessor, the latest iteration was not made in 3D, instead the development was done to create a 2D side scroller title.

The protagonist of the game is named Rayne, who uses two basic weapons, a pistol and the blades. At close range you will be slashing through the enemies with your blades while your pistol will help you deal with the bad guys at a distance as long as you have the ammo.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal takes place in a castle and features 15 different stages. Every single stage of the game will test your ability and skills. Everything you learn in the starting stages will have to be remembered and applied in the forthcoming gameplay.

As you progress through the game, the enemies will start to get more difficult and their number will also start to increase. To make the game even more exciting, there are some really exciting puzzles that will always keep you interested in the game.

One thing you should keep in mind before playing the game that it requires a lot of patience due to its difficulty level.

Are you excited to play Bloodrayne: Betrayal on your PC?

Source: Steam