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Battlefield 4 Servers Receive Hardware Improvements to Fix Lag

DICE has initiated hardware improvements to Battlefield 4’s server infrastructure in an effort to quell or reduce lag problems for players.

Rubber-banding, as the players call it, is a common problem in servers with high player counts. The lag and delay causes players to randomly teleport back to their starting positions, after having covered a small distance. This not only makes the gamepaly annoying but seemingly impossible at times.

The issue had been reported by players for some time now and previously DICE did attempt at providing a remedy. However, the lag issue has only increased following the release of Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC.

Battlefield 4 community manager Dan Mitre has since issued a statement, noting that the team is “unhappy with [Battlefield 4’s] server performance” and will “be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.”

Posting in a Reddit thread, a DICE developer by the name of “TheBikingViking” revealed that the hardware improvements are in effect as of last night and players should be noticing a difference in their games.

Furthermore the team will be keeping an eye on things and with additional server tweaking, Battlefield 4 players can hopefully start enjoying the game free of lag.