4X Star Lords Changes Name To ‘Lords of the Black Sun’

Indie project Star Lords has switched its name around and will henceforth be known as Lords of the Black Sun. It seemed inevitable with such a generic name, but the PC title will remain on Early Access through Steam with the new title.

In its announcement, publisher Iceberg Interactive states that they’ve performed an “exhaustive search” and found a comic book with a similar name, which led them to alter the title to avoid confusion.

More likely, the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, featuring the Marvel character Star Lord, would eventually lead to some rather crucial issues in legal matters. Marvel is pretty well-known, if we say so ourselves.

Anyway, the name change also comes with an update, as Lords of the Black Sun now moves its 4X space conquest to Beta. Primarily, the strategy project has improved its artificial intelligence (AI), which should start using the game’s features more competently.

One of these options includes a simple way to construct different ship builds from a set of nodes on a hull. This gives players a chance to experiment with different types of fleets, from war machines to support classes and so on.

Combat is performed on a hex grid in turn-based fashion. Each unit receives a set of move points, which are used both to get around and attack others.

Another big part of Lords of the Black Sun is diplomacy. Aside from using conversations to improve relations, open trade agreements and so forth, it’s possible to use cunning.

With an espionage faction, opponents can be sabotaged and undermined. If this fails, however, that race will receive a justifiable reason to declare war.

Lords of the Black Sun could also be getting multiplayer games soon. It’s being tested internally and should be added during the Beta period still.