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You Wanted The Walking Dead PS4 Version? June Could Grant Your Wish

Alright, I will agree that we have had a chance to play Telltale Games’ episodic graphic adventure on virtually all the platforms we can think of. How about The Walking Dead PS4 version then? Sony’s latest console had not been launched when the game’s season one was originally released into the markets, but now that it is here, I am guessing some of us would want to play the game on PlayStation 4.

What actually happened is that GameStop the US based retailer has listed The Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition. It has PS4 as the platforms on which it is releasing and even has a release date: June 17, 2014.

June 17, 2014 actually is a Tuesday i.e. the day on which Sony updates the PlayStation Store in the North American region.

There aren’t any other details on the listing apart from what is written on the box art. We can read that the Game of the Year Edition will bring The Walking Dead Season One complete with the 400 Days, the bonus episode.

Although this is nothing more than a rumor as of now, but the mere fact that GameStop is quite a well-known retailer gives more weightage to the speculation. Also, the box art hints towards something more on the lines of an earlier than planned leak instead of an error.

We shall be contacting Telltale Games and bring you the official word from them on this matter. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed for The Walking Dead PS4 version and its existence.