Wolfenstein The New Order Gameplay Video Shows Initial Stages and More

Wolfenstein The New Order releases next month on May 20 and while we wait for the release day, Bethesda Softworks the publisher and MachineGames have been pretty active in the recent days while they try to convey to us what the game has to offer. Here’s a new gameplay video worth half an hour from a Twitch livestream that was conducted by them recently.

Being the ninth installment in the series, Wolfenstein The New Order follows the legacy of a game that has had a fair share in helping FPPS gaming reach its fame. Obviously, for such a game the gameplay is as important as it gets.

You will see the game’s introduction taking you to the time when the Nazis have not taken over yet, and it looks like a standard Wolfenstein story.

Moving on, you will get to see some of the initial stages from the game. If you were at PAX East 2014 you would have already seen them. However, the video doesn’t only show the repeated stuff. There are some spoilers too.

We will not spoil the fun for you if you are one of those who don’t want to know much about the game before they can play it. On the other hand, if you do wish to know more, check out the video above.

Do tell us what did you like (or dislike) about Wolfenstein The New Order gameplay.