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Ubisoft’s Abstergo Industries Employee Handbook Detailed, Christie Golden is the Author

Abstergo Industries hold quite an importance in the Assassin’s Creed series but not a lot of information on the company’s history has been provided by Ubisoft in any of the games, but now it looks like that is going to change with the new book called the Abstergo Industries Employee Handbook.

Developers claim that it will not be a comic book that you see coming around for most of the games, instead it is written in a style that feels like an actual hand book, which was written in the fictional universe of the Assassin’s Creed.

The book will be written by Christie Golden who has worked on some of the incredibly popular franchises including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Star Trek, Star Wars and World of Warcraft.

Available for pre-order at Amazon, where it has been described as:

Crafted to resemble a set of Abstergo case files, this immersive and interactive book provides a glimpse into the technology that allows characters to inhabit the lives of their ancestors—a cornerstone of the Assassin’s Creed narrative.

In addition to Abstergo research, data, scientific breakdowns, and schematics, the book will also feature artifacts that tie directly into the game’s forays into history, scrapbooked in as if discovered and preserved by Abstergo centuries later.

In-depth and beautifully illustrated, the Assassin’s Creed Manual will grant a never-before-seen look at the inner workings of the fictional corporation at the heart of the blockbuster franchise.

So far we know that the Abstergo was founded by Templars to hunt down the Assassins, but to have a deeper look at their deeds, a handbook was required.

Abstergo Industries Employee Handbook is scheduled to release on 4th of November, later this year.