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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Released Globally For PS3

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, a free-to-play title from Namco Bandai, is now officially available for purchase worldwide for the PlayStation 3. Unlike Tekken Revolution, Lost Swords focuses on ‘offline’ single player.

Both new and old champions from the previous Soulcalibur titles will be making a return, including Mitsurugi, Pyrrha, Hilde and others. The game features single player modes and highly customizable champs. Additionally most of the new features introduced in previous titles will be included in Lost Swords as well.

Players can no longer win/lose a match by a ring-out, they cannot counter-hit and do plain guards. Two new mechanics have been added to the game, namely: Weapon arts and Support Character Feature. With Weapon Arts, players can give their champions unique attacks like guard-breaks and ultimates. The Support Character feature players upload their created champion online for others to temporarily download and use as a support champ in their quests. Each time a player ‘borrows’ your champion, you are awarded Friends Points which can be used to purchase more in-game items.

The main mode is the Quest mode in which the player participates in a series of quests to win various items like weapons and materials to customize their champion. Each piece of clothing and weapon will have an effect on the champion’s overall stats.

The game features microtransactions for players who prefer to get high-tier items sooner. However, seeing that the game is focused on ‘grinding’ there’s not much reason for players to be spending money. As part of an on-going promotion by the development team, players will receive a set of in-game bonus items provided they log in within the first four weeks of release.