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Peggle 2 Gets Windy’s Master Pack DLC Today

Peggle 2 will be receiving a new DLC today that features a new master called “Windy, the Fairy,” developer PopCap announced.

The pack is titled Windy’s Master Pack and includes 10 new levels, 3 new achievements, 30 additional objectives and as mentioned above, introduces a new master called Windy the Fairy. Windy has the special ability of Fairy Flock, which can be used to turn normal blue pegs into purple pegs. Once purple-ized, these then yield the most score in the game. Hence helping players out in maximizing their scores.

Peggle 2 started off as a single player game but later received a multiplayer feature as part of a free update at the request of the fans.

The new DLC Windy’s Master Pack is available for download for 2$. The game is the successor to the highly addictive Peggle which was released on the PC back in 2007. It’s a cross between Pachinko and Bagatelle.

Announced at E3 2013, Peggle 2 is available exclusively on the Xbox One with the Xbox 360 edition arriving next month on the 7th. PopCap Games has not revealed whether the DLC will be available on the Xbox 360 on its launch day or not. In the mean time there is no news on a PC version.