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NBA 2K14 and Need For Speed: Rivals at 50% Discount for Xbox Live Gold Members

This week’s deals with Xbox Live has been announced and they include NBA 2K14’, which will be available at 17% discount for the Xbox One and at 50% off on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Furthermore, following add-ons of the game will also be at 50% discount on the Xbox 360.

  • NBA 2K14: Platinum Jewelry
  • NBA 2K14: Gold Jewelry
  • NBA 2K14: Blue Diamon Jewelry
  • NBA 2K14: Spanish Commentary

In addition to the NBA 2K14, Need for Speed: Rivals is available on 50% discount as well. However, these games are only available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Need for Speed: Rivals was one of the best racing games of last year and it also served as the launch title for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you were fan of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, you will definitely like Need For Speed: Rivals. In Rivals, you play either as the Cop or a Racer with both offering different kind of hurdles, challenges and rewards for the players.

If you are a fan of basketball or racing games then you should not miss out on this opportunity. This offer can only be attained by 28th of April next week.

Are you going to get any of the two aforementioned titles? Sound off in the comments!