King’s Bounty: Dark Side Announced, Coming In Summer

Russian publisher 1C Company has announced King’s Bounty: Dark Side as the next game in its prolific strategy franchise. It will release on PC somewhere in the summer of 2014.

One of the novelties in this edition will be the addition of character races, to go along with their classes. Players can not only choose between warriors or mages, but also between Orcs or even Vampires.

As the title suggests, King’s Bounty: Dark Side will have somber undertones. Its announcement release comes with the following warring messages:

The world is in turmoil. After winning the battle of Tristrem, arrogant elves plunder Orcish villages, desecrate holy shrines, and massacre the innocents. Orc-Baghyr, the greatest living Orc warrior, is forced to flee with a handful of loyal followers. He vows to return with a stronger force and retake his homeland!

Armies of human knights invade the land of Atrixus. A young Demoness named Neoleene, still mourning the death of her royal father, and her small unit of devoted imps is all that stands in the way of the invading horde.

Heroes will eventually meet up in a Black Cave, where an Ancient Evil is sealed. They’ll need to combine strengths to save their clan from extinction.

Along with the evil story, King’s Bounty: Dark Side also comes with new battle companions, which are different for each character. Of course, the game includes new units, abilities and so on as well.

There are over 100 new quests to do and 15 new locations to visit, such as forests or a ship graveyard.

Combat in the King’s Bounty: Dark Side maintains a turn-based system on a hex grid.