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Halo 5 Plot Unfolding Through Halo Comic, More Information Surfaces

We might not know if the next game is going to be called Halo 5, Halo ‘something else’ or Halo ‘something-something else,’ however the latest issue of Halo comic is shedding more light on the Halo 5 plot.

343 Industries as well as Microsoft have kept it a pretty hushed up project so far, so we are not sure if the details surfacing from the Halo comic will do us much good or not. Nonetheless, Comic Book Resources has a description of the issue in question; let’s see what it is saying about the story of the universe that may come to play with Halo 5:

“The Master Chief returns in “The Next 72 Hours: Part 1”! After defeating the Didact, John-117 joined the crew of Infinity . . . but why did he leave? The mystery begins here. Halo lead writer Brian Reed (Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) reveals the secret events that immediately follow the end of Halo 4.”

Well, it says Master Chief defeated Didact, what if he didn’t completely destroy – the lore also has it that it is next to impossible to kill the Didact. Moreover, it is apparent that the comic is set right after the events of Halo 4 and it is already known that John is going to run off on a secret mission without telling anyone where he is going.

This could mean that Halo 5 isn’t set too far from the comic itself.

It is also known that the USC are going to hide the existence of the Didact, for unknown reasons. Now that’s two things that are being kept a secret, John’s unknown mission and the reason why Didact is being hidden. Let’s see if E3 2014 will shed more light on the Halo 5 plot.