GRID Autosport Announced, Trailer and Screenshots Inside

The next installment in the GRID series is called GRID Autosport, and it has now been announced officially by Codemasters. There is a blog dedicated to the game on the Codemasters’ website, couple of screenshots as well as an introductory trailer – savory stuff.

Oh and don’t worry, the first word regarding GRID Autosport came along with an assurance from Community Manager Ben Walke that the game will not race away into a GRID 2-like narrative story, it will be more of a Motorsport Game than its predecessor:

“If GRID 2 raced off into a more narrative-led world of racing with more accessible controls, it’s clear that for many of you, that wasn’t what you wanted or expected from GRID 2. So with GRID Autosport we had the opportunity to make a much more focused motorsport game, a desire that many of you have expressed directly to us, and a game that in spirit goes back to some of our earlier titles in terms of content and handling.”

Each car will behave differently from one another, the handling will be more authentic. Moving on, there are going to be five racing kinds namely: Endurance Races, Drift Cars, Open Wheel Races, Street Races and Touring Car Races. Of course, there will be a full-fledged career mode too.

There is a lot more to it, check out the screenshots and the video above and tell us what excites you about GRID Autosport.