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Go Read The Free Rise Of Incarnates Announcement Comic

Today, publisher Bandai Namco announced Rise of Incarnates, a new free-to-play project the company will bring to PC. Its central gameplay mechanism is based on two versus two battles.

Each player takes control of a certain “incarnate” character. These fighters have special abilities that allow them to perform some flashy moves.

In the announcement trailer, we see the fighters do battle in real world locations, such as New York. This environment, however, has been left asunder due to meteor strikes.

On the game’s website, you can read up on some more story in a short comic. It also takes place in New York and introduces some characters.

One fighter, Terrence Blake, seems to be a level-headed, gun-wielding agent of sorts. By his side, there is a young Jedrek Tyler, a 22-year old with the ability to turn into a fierce demon.

In this story, we also get to see some more moves from the fighters in the game. For instance, Terrence has the ability to summon a gigantic Ares warrior.

A more interesting character, however, is Dr. Gasper Watteau, also known as the Grim Reaper. He has the ability to control an army of zombies in some rather creative ways.

For instance, one attack packs all the undead into a ball, while another masses them together to create one giga-zombie.

There’s a lot of experience behind the fighting game. Creators from the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises are listed as being on the production team.

Rise of Incarnates has a strong vibe of brawler Anarchy Reigns from Platinum Games and Sega. If it elaborates on that, we’d be more than happy, certainly since it’s free.