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Gears of War Job Listings Divulges What to Expect from Xbox One Exclusive

I won’t say I didn’t have my doubts when Microsoft’s Phil Spencer stated that the future of Gears of War Franchise is in the right hands and they have the right team to take the next Gears of War back to the days of its former glory.

We do know that Black Tusk Studios will be overlooking the development of the next Gears of War and seeing a number of job listings for the game compiled by Dual Shockers, we are certain that they are taking their job pretty seriously.

A job listing for Senior Rendering Engineer states that the game will have novel rendering techniques and will feature top-class visuals for a AAA console game.

You will be responsible for developing core rendering features and workflows, and bleeding edge new rendering techniques to deliver best in class visuals for an AAA Console game. You should have a deep knowledge of rendering architecture, content pipelines, runtime optimization and advanced rendering.

The game is currently being built on Unreal Engine and will certainly utilize the power of DirectX 12 since using multi-threading for rendering is something which DirectX 11 is unable to do.

Another job listed for Gameplay Engineer states that the applicant must have experience in making a co-op gameplay environment which clearly suggests that the game will include co-op gameplay elements.

And finally, it looks like Black Tusk Studios has learnt from the mistakes made in Gears of War: Judgment as they are trying to stick to the roots of the franchise.

It is made compulsory for the applicant for Lead Multiplayer Level Designer to have experience with Gears of War gameplay and previous multiplayer map designs for Gears of War games.

The complete job listing with more gameplay tidbits can be found at Dual Shockers, but considering these things, it certainly looks like the game will be better than its predecessor i.e. Gears of War: Judgment. Hopefully, we will see some gameplay demo at the upcoming E3.