Dragon Age Inquisition Slated for October 7 Release, New Trailer Unleashed

New trailer of Dragon Age Inquisition has been released by Bioware, which lays emphasis on the game’s story along with the release date that has been announced to be October 7, 2014.

The game will begin when two civil war enemies Templars and Mages are sitting at a peace conference and suddenly an explosion happens which kills off the heads of both the factions.

The protagonist who is also known as The Inquisitor arises from the flames and now he has the responsibility to restore the power while fighting against the demons that are constantly coming out of the Rift.

In an interview with Polygon, creative director Mike Laidlaw said:

There’s an interesting undertone here of people in the world believing that you have been sent as a leader by the maker of the universe.

As a player, I have the option of saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’m the chosen one’ or asking what the hell they are talking about. It’s up to the player.

The combat of Dragon Age Inquisition will feel quite similar to the Original game in the series. The trailer also showcases some of the amazing locations of the game which includes the stronghold of Grey Warden.

Laidlaw continued by saying:

We want to show people the central premise of the game, including the Inquisitor and how it is related to the Fade. You can also see some of the great personality of the game and the scale of this open world.

It’s quite an exciting news indeed as there were chances of the game being delayed. Now, it seems like that’s not the case. Are you eager to get your hands on Dragon Age Inquisition? Share your excitement level in the comments below.