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Beyond Two Souls PS4 Version Could be a Real Deal, You Want It?

I am not sure if Beyond two Souls was really your kind of a game – it wasn’t for me. However, there is a rumor that might excite you; there could be a Beyond two Souls PS4 version in the making. Some keen eyed folks have stumbled upon data that suggests a Director’s Cut version of the game being made for Sony’s latest console.

Of course what we want is more of the new games for PlayStation 4, and though ports of any kind are good, they can’t fill in for the AAA titles that we want. Nevertheless, may be this and The Last of Us PS4 version could keep us busy while mew games are churned out for PlayStation 4.

Coming back to the Beyond Two Souls PS4 version, someone at NeoGAF found certain screengrabs from the portfolio of a programmer (see them below). Although the images were then removed, they did raise a lot of speculations.

First off, there is a code for the game running on a PlayStation 4 and then there are other images that mention certain scenes that had been deleted from the original game. These scenes are, apparently, going to be playable in Beyond Two Souls PS4 version i.e. the Director’s Cut version.

This comes following a couple of images that were revealed by Quantic Dreams that show Jodie’s images rendered on PlayStation 4.

You must know that all of this is rumor and should not be taken to be a confirmation of a Beyond Two Souls PS4 version. We shall keep you informed as more information surfaces, if any.