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Arcade Archives Brings Virtual Console To PS4 In Japan

Disgaea developer, Nippon Ichi Software, will work with publisher Hamster to bring its own virtual console to Playstation 4. According to Siliconera, six different companies will bond together to release Japanese games to this Arcade Archives project.

There are some titles currently dated for Arcade Archives. Items like Crazy Climber, Ninja Kid and Rygar will be out in spring of 2014.

These titles will come out in Japan only for now, ranging from two to five monthly releases. For a full list of announced games, look below:

  • Crazy Climber
  • Ninja Kid
  • Rygar
  • Exciting Hour
  • Wonder Boy
  • Moon Cresta
  • Renegade
  • Solomon’s Key
  • City Connection
  • Mighty Bomb Jack
  • Nova 2001
  • Double Dragon
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land
  • Exerion
  • Terra Cresta
  • Raiders5
  • Syusse Oozumou
  • Mr. Pig and Pig Bombers
  • Crazy Climber 2
  • MagMax

These arcade classics will be functioning with the Playstation 4 livestream option. A price for each item is set at 823 Yen plus tax.

Some of these announced oldies were already compiled in the Japanese Playstation 2 release of My Game Center Family from Hamster. It also included well-known classics like Castlevania and Contra, but it’s not sure if the Arcade Archives virtual console will mimic the PS2 collection.

Previously, Hamster already worked together with publisher MonkeyPaw Games to localize Hyper Crazy Climber for PS3, PS Vita and PSP. It also had to delay its promotion including that game, due to legal issues. Perhaps the two are related.

There is no word if the Arcade Archives virtual console will make its way overseas. If not, hopefully separate localizations through MonkeyPaw could be worked out.