Ace Combat Infinity Comes To PS3 In Japan On May 20

Publisher Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat Infinity will launch on the Japanese Playstation Network on May 20, 2014. Reports from Gematsu come with a brand new trailer for the release.

In the clip, we get to see all the things that will be available in this free-to-play iteration from the flight simulation franchise. Part of it will be set in a singleplayer campaign.

Some missions will take players across the globe to differing locations. We get to see some combat take place in Stonehenge or the Far East.

Aside from playing alone, Ace Combat Infinity also has cooperative modes to take on online. These missions seem quite grandiose.

For instance, one location is set in the skyscraper-filled area of Dubai. Another mission has players trying to take out a huge carrier airship. It feels a little like a certain mission in Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

There’s also a short look at the unlock trees in Ace Combat Infinity, which can be accessed through a certain progression element. It has different weapons, skins and so on.

Those who pre-register for the Japanese release of Ace Combat Infinity become eligible for “Bone Arrow Squadron” and “Arrows Air Defense and Security” emblems, as well as “Mercenary” and “Pioneer” nicknames.

We spent some time with the Western Beta for Ace Combat Infinity and it feels completely fleshed out, like a normal edition of the series. Hopefully, the higher tiers won’t become a premium exclusive, however, as a competitive element in the game could get ruined by that.

Ace Combat Infinity is a Playstation 3 exclusive.