Star Citizen Gameplay Video from PAX East: Bug Battling, Space Walking and More

Chris Roberts’ space simulator is headed to become the biggest game in the genre so far. Hell it is raising a new million dollars in crowdfunding every 15 to 20 days!

People are highly interested in what Roberts Space Industries is doing and so here’s some more of it. The complete Star Citizen gameplay video from PAX East 2014 shows you more than 40 minutes of awesome.

First off, you get to see an introductory film preceding the PAX East demonstration – which in itself is pretty cool – and then you see the game creator Chris Roberts putting his ship piloting skills to test. The video isn’t full as it comes after dropping some of the crashes that were there in the real demo.

However, moving on you get to see some of the new features that had not been shown to the fans or backers previously. For instance, there is the stealth maneuvering feature that the demo shows how you can go into the zero gravity space while making sure you haven’t been dealt damage by the enemies.

Obviously there is a lot of the combat in it and bug battling. Check out the Star Citizen gameplay video from PAX East 2014 and tell us do you think Cloud Imperium Games has done the work that is worth $42.6 million?