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Remembering GameBoy, 25 Years After

Today is a big day for Nintendo because 25 years ago on April 21st, the company released their first handheld console called GameBoy, which since then has experienced great success with over 118 Million units sold to this day.

GameBoy became part of so many people’s childhood and still lives in the memory of gamers as it introduced gaming on the go.

GameBoy wasn’t the most advanced machine but it was certainly the best handheld in the market. It kept things simple for everyone with just four buttons and 2.6 inch screen that came with resolution of 160 x 144.

The console was created in Nintendo’s R&D department by brilliant Gupei Yokoi who was an engineer with the philosophy “Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology”. The same philosophy can be witnessed in the design of Nintendo’s console as well as in the first party titles of the company.

GameBoy came with the titles like Super Mario Land, Yakuman, Baseball, Alleyway, Tennis but one game that really stood out was ‘Tetris’, which became the main reason behind the success of 8-bit hardware.

Despite featuring very simple controls, the game lured players into its unique style of gameplay and just a few days ago, it was announced that the game has been purchased more than 425 Million times.

The device was considered to be a revolution at that time as it changed the course of the handheld gaming. Since then a number of handheld consoles have been released but none of them has been able to enjoy the success of the original GameBoy.

Nintendo has always ruled the handheld platform of gaming and that was not through the power of graphics but by keeping things simple and providing unique games that resonated with gamers at large.

GameBoy was the start of new era of entertainment and gave a new direction to the developers of that time and captured the desires of players that wanted to play the games on the go.

After 25 years, it still lives on in virtual console available in both 3DS and Wii U.