Monster Hunter 4G’s Second Trailer Shows Monsters, Old and New

The second trailer of Monster Hunter 4G has been released by Capcom and it shows the awesomeness of the game.

The video showcases the monsters that you will be coming across in the game, they will vary in sizes and each of them has to be taken down using different techniques. Also, there is an inclusion of new sub species as well and at the end of the trailer, you will witness the introduction of the latest monster that will be making its way to the game.

Monster Hunter 4g is an enhanced version of Monster Hunter 4 that will give players the option to use their save games from previous title.

The game presents slightly different perspective based on its emphasis on the 3D movement. Now you will be able to walk and climb in almost every direction. Moreover, Monster Hunters 4G will allow new players to adapt into the game by giving them an option to grab onto the monster in order to damage them.

The developers of the title have also stated that this game will focus more on the story and adventure of the players than any former title in the franchise. Capcom is still withholding information about the exact release date of the game but it is supposed to release by the end of this year exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

What do you think of this amazing trailer of Monster Hunter 4G? Are you excited to play the game?