Microsoft Trademarks Eden Falls, Brimstone and Lift London Possibly Involved

‘Eden Falls, eh? What’s that supposed to be? A disease?’ reads the official website of the game that Microsoft recently registered a trademark for. It came right out of the blue; while it excited some of the fans, it turned off others for being a mobile only title and is now being talked about all over.

The trademark in question was picked up recently for being a Game Software related product that is intended to be used for ‘Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game.’

When word got out, people dug deeper and stumbled upon a website as well as a Twitter account. The official website is labeling itself as a semi-temporary Eden Falls blog which means it will soon get more than what currently has i.e. couple of artwork images (see below) and a FAQ section.

The FAQ section also explains that the game is being developed by Brimstone Interactive, a Finish indie studio that has personnel who have worked for companies like Supercell, RedLynx, Mountain Sheep and Recoil Games.

Here’s how they are describing the game themselves:

“Eden Falls is a science fiction themed role-playing game, featuring deeply tactical turn-based combat and an exciting story of epic proportions. The game will be published episodically.”

Other than that, the Twitter account in question shows that Eden Falls is somehow linked with Lift London. It could be that the game is being developed by Brimstone in collaboration with the Microsoft owned studio.

We have also been told that Eden Falls is being scheduled for a release in fall 2014 for iOS and Android. A Windows Phone version will also be released but the date wasn’t mentioned. Lastly, a PC version of the game could be expected later on.

The game is going to be a single player RPG and there are no plans for a multiplayer as of this moment. And, the game is targeted for a mature audience and will have elements like sex, drug and violence.

Are you excited about Eden Falls? Or would you have been if it was a PC title?