Homeworld 2 Mod Lets You Play Mass Effect 3 Final Space Battle with Reapers

There is a Homeworld 2 mod being made by Phoenix Interactive, as much as it is exciting to get to play that in itself, there is more to it than just the real time strategy game. The mod also lets you play the epic concluding battle between the reapers and everything else in the space that Mass Effect 3 had.

What is important about this? All the Mass Effect 3 fans would know that the ultimate space battle was shown to us largely in cut-scenes. Everyone who loves space battles wished to control the ships and steer the combat their way. Well, now is your chance.

The mod is called Mass Effect Reborn and here’s is how the modders are describing it:

“The war to Take Earth Back begins now. Then build alliances, gather everything and everybody you can. Admiral Hackett takes ships, soldiers, supplies, whatever you can get. Unless you wanna help the illusive man?

Mass Effect Reborn is a Homeworld 2 (space RTS game) modification. The latter aims to recreate the universe of the Mass Effect franchise into Homeworld 2.”

Check out the Homeworld 2 Mod trailer above, its titled Mass Effect Reborn – International Trailer. When you are done watching, do come back and let us know what you think of it.