New Trailer for Final Fantasy Agito Gives us a Glimpse of Gameplay

Square Enix has released a new trailer for their upcoming mobile and tablets game Final Fantasy Agito, which you can check out above.

The mobile version of the game is going to be a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Type-0 that was released for PlayStation Portable in 2011. The story of Agito will be set in the same universe as of the PSP title but will take place in a cycle before the events of Type-0.

The game will feature turn based combat, which can be played in both the single player and in multiplayer style. Furthermore, there will be day and night cycle in the game which will be tied to the real world time.

The players will take control of a created cadet who just joined the Rubrum Magical Academy at the time of war, where he becomes Agito and tries to save Orience from getting destroyed.

The protagonist from the original game will also appear but they will only serve as the secondary characters to the game. All the chapters will be finished in the time of two weeks, with first ten days of solo gameplay and then the final portion of the mission, which requires you to team up with other players to face off against some really powerful bosses.

Final Fantasy Agito will release sometime this month for Android and iOS.