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Dragon Age Inquisition’s Progress Discussed by Creative Director, It’s Fully Playable Now

All of us have been waiting eagerly to get our hands on BioWare’s next installment in the Dragon Age series; however, the official plans of release for Dragon Age Inquisition say that it won’t be out before fall 2014. Which is kind of sad as the game’s creative director says the game is now in a fully playable state.

Mike Laidlaw, the creative director responsible for the creative genius in Dragon Age Inquisition was talking to fans over at his official Twitter profile where he was asked how much of the game had he played. Of course, playing the game being a part of his job, he has gone through all of it.

Moreover, knowing that the game is in such a state, he was asked if there was a chance that the game could be completed before the fall and get released earlier. Naturally, he said that the odds were pretty low on this one owing to the time that it takes to polish, test, debug and tweak the game.

Well, half a year worth of polishing? I am even more eager to see what the game has in store!

In a different tweet he was asked if the developers had considered a surprise romance option in the game. The cheeky response from Laidlaw was that it wouldn’t be a very good surprise if he told us – followed by a wink. Did you smell something too?

Lastly, he said that although he couldn’t promise anything, an art book was possible for the game.

We shall be looking forward to what other news he has in store for us with regards to Dragon Age Inquisition and let you know, in the meanwhile, drop a line about what else would you like to see in the game.