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Dota 2: Team DK Wins Starladder Season 9 Global

One of the most valued LAN tournaments in the Dota 2 scene this time went bigger. Starladder Season 9 in Kiev, Ukraine got 8 of the world’s best teams competing for a prizepool that began as $80,000, but with all the ingame ticket sales, the fans have boosted this tournament’s prizepool to a whopping $230,000!

Being one of the major tournaments before the highly anticipated The International 4, the expectations were high. Lots of surprises happened throughout this tournament, with a lot of versatility in gameplay styles and lots of great and awesome plays. In the end, Team DK just plowed through the competition and without dropping even a single game!!

There were the usual qualifiers for the Europe/CIS region in which the 4 teams that qualified were Na’Vi, Empire, Alliance and Rox.Kis. But after these there were qualifiers for one American team (won by Evil Geniuses, who had to play with Cloud9’s EternalEnvy as their carry), 2 Chinese teams (won by DK and invictus Gaming) and even one Korean team (MVP Phoenix).

The LAN Finals ran for 4 days, began with a group stage best of 1 in which the top 2 teams of each group would go into the Winner’s Bracket while the bottom 2 would play best of 1 matches in the Loser Bracket.

On group A, DK and Alliance topped it, while Empire and MVP got bottom 2, meanwhile on group B, EG topped it and then there was a 3 way tie between iG, Na’Vi and Rox.Kis, so more madness ensued as all of these 3 teams played 2 extra games between themselves, in which iG got the best out of them to secure 2nd place.

Then the playoffs came. On the Winner’s Bracket DK and EG knocked down iG and Alliance to the lower bracket respectively and then DK 2-0’d EG to secure themselves a place in the Grand Finals.

On the Lower Bracket to no surprise, Empire eliminated Rox.Kis and Na’Vi eliminated MVP. Then the TI3 Champions Alliance got defeated by Empire, while Na’Vi got eliminated by iG. Empire then went on a rampage and managed to bring down the TI2 champions iG by 2-0 and then the powerhouse USA team EG also 2-0 to go on and face DK on the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals was a best of 5 series with a one game Winner Bracket advantage to DK. But the Dota Kings have proved that they can employ too many different strategies and they can play well against everything thrown at them. In the end, an amazing performance by DK granted them the number 1 place in Starladder season 9!

Team DK is comprised of (from left to right in the photo): Mushi, Burning, MMY, LaNm and iceiceice (who this time played with his pants on but every single game he removed his shoes and socks)

Prize allocation is the following:

1st: China DK eSports – $85,000~
2nd: Russia Team Empire – $38,500~
3rd: United States Evil Geniuses – $26,500~
4th: China Invictus Gaming – $15,000~
5th/6th: Sweden Alliance – $7,500~
5th/6th: Ukraine Natus Vincere – $7,500~
7th/8th: Russia RoX.KiS – $4,700~
7th/8th: Korea MVP.Phoenix – $4,700~

As usual, all of the games as well as some player interviews can be found with English commentary in this playlist on the Beyond The Summit Youtube Channel.

Before The International 4, there will be WPC-Ace and Dreamhack coming so be sure not to miss these amazing E-sports competitions!!