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AMD Introduces Never Settle Forever Bundle, Get Games of Your Choice

Here’s something cool, the computer chips manufacturer based in USA has announced a lucrative deal, the AMD Never Settle Forever Bundle. The exciting new offer lets you purchase some of the selected AMD Radeon graphics cards and rewards you with a free game of your choice!

The official website has dedicated a page for the different offers that are being made to the customers. Looking at it, you will see that this time, the AMD Never Settle Forever bundle is a bit more complex than the kind of game bundles that they offer usually.

Before we dig deeper into the details, this is what the official website reads:

“Buy select AMD Radeon Graphics Card and choose the free games you want the most.

Choose the games you want most from a large selection of AMD Gaming Evolved titles. It all starts right here when you visit Radeon™ Rewards . Redeem your code now for the games you see, or hold on to your AMD Radeon™ Reward coupon for upcoming games. When you see a game you can’t live without, redeem your coupon, choose your favorites, and let the games begin.”

Moving on, there are three different tiers; gold, silver and bronze. Buying R9 295, 290X, 290, 280X, or 280 will get you a gold reward, R9 270X, 270, or R7 265 or 260 brings a silver reward and lastly R7 250 and 240 will win you a bronze reward.

The first one lets you choose three games, the second lets you choose two while you get one game even if you land in the bronze category. There are detailed rules and regulations for the AMD Never Settle Forever Bundle though, you may read up on them here.

Do let us know if you’d be getting any of the games through AMD Never Settle Forever Bundle.