New Video for Black Desert Online Showcases Various Environments

Pearl Abyss’ upcoming next-gen MMO RPG, Black Desert Online made a huge impact on the internet when it first showed its character creation system, which was way better than anything we have ever witnessed before.

Now the developer has released a new 11 minute video of the game that puts focus on the different environments of the game that the players will experience. However, this trailer might not be able to gain as much hype as the aforementioned video.

There is no doubt that the environments in the trailer look awesome but you will notice a few pop-ups in the video which could be due to the low LOD settings but it is not the issue that can’t be solved by the developers, we just hope that they do remove these problems before the final version of the game.

Black Desert Online is set in the fantasy world where two nations are at each other’s throat called the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. The gameplay elements will include Parkour system like you may have seen in the Prince of Persia series.

Also, the weather will have an important role to play, there will events such as Typhoons that will have a huge effect on the gameplay. Black Desert Online will release by the end of this year for Windows PC.

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