Batman Arkham Knight Delayed to 2015? Rumor From WonderCon Suggests So

Alright we know this is not the kind of news any gamer wants to wake up to on a Monday but what can we do; good or bad, a news is a news. That being said, it is being rumored that Batman Arkham Knight might have been delayed to 2015.

Rocksteady Studios’ upcoming action-adventure video game has previously been slated for a worldwide release on October 14, 2014 and up until now, all news has been in accordance with that.

Nonetheless, WonderCon this year brought forth the bad news. At the DC All Access Panel, fans were shown a new trailer of the game and after that, apparently, the audience was told that the project was no longer slated for 2014 but for 2015.

This has been reported by Bleeding Cool but other than that we haven’t received any confirmation (or denial) from either Rockteady Studios or Warner Bros.

No matter what this was about, as of this moment, we should take the news with the conventional grain of salt and wait it out.

The Batman Arkham Knight trailer in question showed a dialogue where the ‘last will and testament’ of Thomas Wayne was voiced over. In it, he urges Bruce to honor the family’s legacy and to ‘commit himself to the improvement of Gotham City.’

Other than that car chases were shown where the Batmobile was in action.

Whether the news about Batman Arkhamm Knight being delayed is true or not, we will have to keep our fingers crossed until further news comes out from the official sources.