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Attend Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings To Unlock Fireside Friend Card

Blizzard has announced a community event for Hearthstone, the addictive free-to-play card game based on World of Warcraft.

Named “Fireside Gatherings” the new event brings players together at various public gathering areas for Hearthstone players for friendly and competitive matches. Blizzard’s team members are also to take part in matches at some of the chosen areas in the event.

The event is scheduled to start on April 26 across America.

Players can also host their own tournaments or gather friends for deck-building, details on which can be found here. To promote their events, players can use a color and BnW poster template provided by the Blizzard. .

Along with meeting fellow Hearthstone players in their city, each participant can also unlock a special card for participating in the event.

The new card “Fireside Friend” has requirements that basically mean both competing parties must be on the same network, although players can get this card without attending the Fireside Gatherings event; participating in the event doubles their chances of getting the card since the odds of being matched against a player on the same network are very slim.

Hearthstone is available on the PC, MAC and iPad.