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ZeniMax Trademarks Nuka Cola; Could Be Related To Fallout 4

For the past couple of years Bethesda Softworks has been rumored to be working on a next-gen Fallout title based in Boston. While the company has relatively kept quiet on the matter and even has come forward a couple of times to deny all such rumors, the speculations have only gone stronger to the extent that some believe it’s a Fallout MMO.

Earlier this week ZeniMax Online, the parent company of Bethesda, filed trademarks for Nuka Cola, an instantly recognizable soft drink from the Fallout franchise. It’s a bit weak to be raising our hopes but I’m sure fans would nonetheless be looking at the brighter side and hoping for a possible E3 2014 Fallout 4 announcement.

As reported by a user on NeoGAF, there are three different trademarks filed by ZeniMax for the same Nuka Cola brand under different categories. The first covers “computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles,” the second “entertainment services, namely, providing online interactive computer games” while the third is for clothing.

A representative from ZeniMax came forward later to state that the trademarks are nothing more than just securing their rights. That said, the company is known to keep their projects undercover for a surprise announcement.

E3 2014 takes place in less than a couple of months. We’ll see if Bethesda can knock us out with a Fallout 4 announcement for the new consoles and PC.