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Sony Trademarks Kill Strain and Entwined

Sony is always looking to expand its library of games and a recent spotting of a trademark filing points towards two new additions.

Posted on NeoGAF yesterday, SCEA has filed for trademarks for two titles called Entwined and Kill Strain. Both are categorized under software and will possibly be announced this June at E3 2014 for the PlayStation 4.

Presently we only have rumors to go along with and according to them Kill Strain is or could be a next-gen iteration of the Syphon Filter series with a zombie setting. The Syphon Filter franchise was a booming success for the PlayStation One and Sony could be planning on banking on its third-person action formula.

Information on Entwined on the other hand is in the dark. A couple of years ago there was puzzle game that went with the same name, Entwined: Strings of Deception. It could be a new installment for that or perhaps it has no correlation altogether.

Both trademarks were filed on April 14 and 15, respectively. It’s possible that Sony releases a teaser for both titles in anticipation of its E3 press conference. Additionally I’m assuming them to have a release date of either Q1 2015 or later.