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Xbox One SmartGlass App Now Lets You Buy Games on The Go

The latest beta version of the Xbox One SmartGlass app comes with a very nifty feature, the ability to purchase games directly from the App.

The option though doesn’t appear on most games and it seemingly doesn’t work at times. Still the presence of the option indicates future implementation of the in-app game purchase feature; a feature that is already available on PlayStation platforms.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce the inclusion. It could possibly be waiting to fix up bugs and fine tune the app before dropping the official word.

Available as a free download on Google Play and the Apple Store, the SmartGlass app allows users to connect their mobile with Microsoft platforms. The Xbox 360 SmartGlass allows users to connect their mobile with their Xbox 360 and use it as a remote control for videos, keyboard for online browsing, Xbox stat viewer, messaging feature and others. The app though requires an Xbox Membership to work.

Currently the Xbox One Smartglass app is available only on the Apple Store but quite a few features present in the Xbox 360 SmartGlass app are missing from it for the time being.