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UFHO2 Released via Torrent after Steam Greenlight Ignored it for 2 Years

Tiny Colossus, the indie developer behind UFHO2 has grown tired of waiting on Steam Greenlight and released their game through Torrent.

The game creator Ciro Continisio took to Reddit to let people know that the game could now be downloaded any time you wished, saying:

My game UFHO2 has been on Greenlight for 2+ years now, and with no luck. Is it so shitty? I released it days ago on Desura/Humble Store, but the trend is clear: nobody is going to buy it unless it’s on Steam. Thus, I’ve put it on torrent so everyone can enjoy it.

For those of you who don’t know, UFHO2 is a game in between a board game and a turn based strategy. Players, two or more, have to move through a UFO that has been designed like a maze and collect blue gems. There are hexagonal rooms that the maze is divided into and each room has different doors, once you are in a certain room you have the chance to rotate the room in order to create new pathways through to the gems.

The game was originally put up on Kickstarter in 2012 and was successfully crowd-funded, but the development was trampled upon by the lack of resources.

UFHO2 has been developed for PC as well as iPad.

As of now, you can download the game from iTunes, The Pirate Bay, Humble Store and Desura – of course there will be more Torrent websites soon.