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Ubisoft is Possibly The Largest Gaming Company Right Now

Superannuation, Kotaku’s mysterious columnist known for digging up interesting news hidden or overlooked by the general public, has been working on Ubisoft for a while and has discovered that the game developer has about 9200 employees, of which 7800 work in production.

The staff is spread across 35 Studios around the World; meaning that Ubisoft’s projects can be worked upon 24/7. That probably explains how the studio is able to work simultaneously on Assassin’s Creed: Unity, The Division, Far Cry 4, Child of Light, The Crew, Watch Dogs, Might and Magic X, Valiant Hearts, Brothers in Arms, and a new Rainbow Six title.

Ubisoft has been steadily growing in the past years. Back in 2006, Ubisoft had a total of 3400+ employees which grew to 4300+ in 2008 and 5700+ in 2009. The numbers slowed down from 2010-2012 with 6900+ by the end of 2012. The total headcount jumped to 8200+ in 2012 and now settle at 9200+.

Ubisoft recently announced plans on adding 500 more jobs to its Quebec studio in light of the arrival of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They also planned on hiring 3500 people for the studio to which the Quebec Government has pledged 9.9 million CAD.

In EA’s last public statement, the company’s total headcount was 9370 employees, but it’s unclear if EA still leads Ubisoft in terms of employees after it suffered major layoffs last year.

Source Kotaku