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H1Z1 Will Allow Players To Have Custom Servers with Custom Rules

Just a couple of days ago, the head of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley announced via Reddit, that his upcoming zombie-survival game H1Z1 will allow players to have their own unique “Themed Servers”.

The game will have different communities of the players, who can vote for a custom server that suits their style of gameplay. Smedley wrote:

If a community of our players wants to host a server with a specific theme or ruleset then we’re going to do our best to give it to them.

Moreover, the players who keep logged in to H1Z1 for over five hours will get a free pledge token at the end of the year, which can be used to show your support for the idea of community servers or anything else that you might want.

In a related tweet Smedley gave an example of players who want a Military type of gameplay:

add more military vehicles. So we’re truly letting you, our Players get exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for.

— John Smedley (@j_smedley) April 18, 2014

Sony will also allow the players to purchase the pledge tokens but only two of them can be used in one year and if the vote succeeds then all the value will be refunded to the players. This community server idea sounds great but according to Smedley, it will require some “serious player effort”.

Previously, Smedley mentioned that the world of H1Z1 will be constantly evolving and there will be a strong focus on team building and survival. The major things in survival include:

Finding your next meal, a safe place to sleep and scavenging for essentials and loot will be a major component of the game.

What do you think of this community server option in H1Z1?