Guild Banks Disabled Due to ESO Item Dupe Bug, We Might have a Permanent Fix

The Elder Scrolls Online developer, Zenimax has decided to disable the functionality of guild banks in their game. The reason behind this could be a bug that is allowing people to get more gold and legendary gear without much of an effort.

The announcement came via official forums of Elder Scrolls Online, which stated that the Guild Banks have been taken offline temporarily. The guild banks allow the members of the same group to pool their items collectively in one place.

Most of the people are speculating that the guild banks have been taken down due to the bank bug that was described in Reddit post as:

A game breaking bug has hit ESO that allows characters to duplicate stacks of materials in their bank. Players in full legendary gear, billions of gold (From duping mats and selling them to vendors over and over), and so much more. Money, items, etc is completely worthless.

Yesterday, on Reddit a post was shared, which indicated that the fix of the “ESO Item Dupe Bug” has been released via patch 1.0.4 but it seems like that wasn’t the case at all. Now with the withdrawal of Guild Banks from the game, maybe next update from Zenimax will fix this major issue.

Just over a week ago, a report came in on the official forum that read, Zenimax has banned “thousands” of cheaters. However, this bug is a lot bigger and players could have been a part of it without even knowing that it was some sort of issue with the game. For now, we will just have to wait and see what action developers take to solve this situation.

The Elder Scrolls Online released for PC and Mac at the start of this month while PS4 and Xbox One version will hit the shelves in June.

Are you playing The Elder Scrolls Online right now? Have you been part of this bug?